Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fredrick Ochieng

My name is Fredrick Ochieng. I was born in August 24 1993, i live at a place called Babadogo in the slums of Mathare which is the second largest and poorest slums in the world and is a few kilometres from the capital city Nairobi. My family name Ochieng means born at noon. I live with my younger brother who is only 10 after the death of my mother who was only our bread winner.
I joined MYSA in 1998 as a football player and fully participated in its yearly leagues. Later i was trained as a coach of which i was able to handle teams aging 14 years and below till now that i coach Babadogo Stars youths club. I also been involved in MYSA projects like Environment and got much interest in MYSA Shootback.
I joined Shootback lately in 2005. This was as a result of it was to help me achieve my interests and carier which is becoming a great Photojournalist Artworker. Here in Shootback im seing my dreams coming true. This project has provided me with skills and right exposures.
Since joining Shootback i got a chance of involving in publishing books like Millennium Development Goals(MDG's) in the year 2006, Hakuna Matata in 2007 alongside allot of exhibitions.
With the skill installed to me via Shootback i am know instructing other kids from different parts of the slum on Basic Photography.
Which has been my a great achievement. I also managed to win a certificate of excellence with the Adobe Youth Voices which was an international photography competition.
My great ambition is to use pictures and articles alongside film to change the life in the slum through creating awareness to the people living in my neighborhood.

By Fredrick Ochieng 17