Sunday, October 25, 2009


Some innocent children lack parental care either because they are orphaned , have single parents or both unable parents who can’t afford to cutter for their needs like shelter, food , clothing and even education. These types of children fall back to the streets to look for places to live or find food to feed.
It’s a pity seeing young children on the streets of the slums. The questions I ask myself are: What do they feed, sleep and how do they spend their time? The answers are…….
They spend most of their time at the dumping sites where they feed on the left over and food remains. They are also in search of scrap metals, plastics and other recycled materials in the purpose of selling them in order to get little amount to sustain them which normally is not easy.Since a one Kilogram of the scraps is only Kshs 7.

A bigger percentage of these street children sniff glue which they believe that its assists them forget their horrible past and also not to recognize that they are going through peoples discrimination.
After the hard work they don’t have homes to go to or places to call their homes. They do send their cold nights out on the streets or on unfinished houses even during rainy cold seasons throughout the night till the next day.

By Fredrick Ochieng, 16