Saturday, March 27, 2010



By Fredrick Ochieng


Education in today’s society is very important key element. They say that education is the key to success and to a better life their after. We have seen a lot of prominent persons emerging in today’s society because of good education. Let us look take a wider look in girl’s education mostly in African developing countries. Girls in most communities were not supposed to go to school but instead remain at home taking care of all the domestic duties.

Currently thing are advancing and there are some observable changes as girls are now given chances to school and the full access. This has produced ion ladies in our societies who are of a great assistance in the development of our society and the country as a whole.

The Kenyan government has played a major role of introducing free primary education which has greatly given the girls greater opportunities in school. But there are so many questions still to be answered. Mostly you find that classes with pupils sitting on the floor with only one teacher. Will they really learn anything when the classes are congested? What about when the girls finish their primary school. Are their any chances for them in high school particularly the girls in the slums?

Let us look at area s like Kajiado where female genital mutilation is still practiced. You get that a young girl is circumcised and then after a few days she is married to an old man. What I am trying to emphasize is that the government should at least go to areas where girls are bound by culture and empower them. Show them the real need of education by building school in those areas. If they do that the girls would have a better world to live in.

By Michael Maina